Are you looking for a mommy blog that supports and helps moms to grow and adapt at their own pace, then I think your search can stop here. I’m Acula Dexter, a single mom of 2 beautiful children just striving to make the best life for my two kids and myself. Five years ago my ex-husband and I decided to divorce for amicable reasons and have remained a support system for our children, they were three and five when the divorce happened so they are very used to the routine by now. This blog is the amalgamation of years of healing and hard work until I felt I was strong enough to help other moms out there.

I am a credit card fraud agent in Idaho, so I work quite a lot but I have a great system of friends and family around to help out with the kids. My blog is about parenting, credit cards, and anything artsy to do with homes or DIY. My kids also helped me with the designing of my website, I love golden colors because they feel fresh and vibrant, but they chose all the funky designs so that I could have their personal touch within my blogging journey.